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    Telephone: +852 8192 9659
    Mail: 21st Floor, CMA Building, 64 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are TS bulletins personalized for my radio station? 
    Yes. Once you sign up for a package we’ll email you requesting the ‘Outro’ you require which your Presenter/ Technical Operator/ DJ attaches to the end of every audio file. i.e. – “That’s the way it is this hour around the world on [96FM] with [Ocean Windows].” 

    Can I listen to a sample track before I buy?
    Yes. We have a selection of samples covering all of our services on our Listen To page. CLICK HERE to visit the Listen To page. 

    Can I purchase individual packages?
    Yes, we presently offer stand alone packages or you can choose from one of our Compilation Packages which saves you money. 

    Is there a Trial Option? 
    Yes. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service, a refund will be made.

    Can I add or remove packages?
    Yes. You can start any new package at any time. Your monthly charge(s) for any new package(s) will start from the first day you receive the new package. If you wish to cancel a package, you may do so at anytime by emailing us. Please allow 48 hours to terminate your current service. We regret no refunds or credit can be awarded after purchase. 

    Are there any discounts?
    Our packages are extremely competitively priced and therefore we do not offer any discounts. However, if you subscribe to a package for 12 consecutive months, we will give you the 13thmonth as a loyalty gift. 

    How reliable is your service connection? 
    TS uses a US based server to host our services. In addition to 99.9% guaranteed uptime, a back-up system is also in place.

    Does TS cover Political Stories? 
    No, we present non-Political News.
    (See LEGAL ‘Terms & Conditions’ – Item 10 for full details of our Code of Content). 

    Are the Voice Files Compressed? 
    No. We leave compression up to individual radio stations with their own settings. 

    Are the bulletins a dry read? 

    When will I get each hourly International News Bulletin? 
    TS services are based on GMT, as is our website. Hourly International News Bulletins are made available at :30 past each hour of the day and night. 

    Will the International News Bulletin mention a time? 
    No. International News Bulletins begin with “Making news around the world this hour…” and end with “That’s the way it is this hour around the world on [Radio Station Name].” 

    How long is each International News Bulletin? 
    The duration of each News bulletin is 90 seconds. 

    Are the stories up to date? 
    The TS Team researches, writes, produces and uploads fresh bulletins around the clock with the latest international developments. 24/7 365 days per year.

    What Microphones do you use? 
    TS services are recorded using a selection of top broadcast quality microphones and equipment. 

    What MP3 Rate do you use? 
    TS services use Superior Quality 160kbps MP3. 

    How will we know the Name of the Newsreader? 
    Every International News Bulletin has the name of the Newsreader on the download page so when attaching the ending you know which file to use. 

    How can using TS services make us money? 
    TS packages can be marketed to local sponsors interested in paying you to have the name of their company or product as the intro or outro on your purchased packages. TS will even voice those intros and outros for free!

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